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Absurdist Dichotomy is the naïve project of two naïve people (at least one of which likes the letter ï) to document their analysis of various anime-related topics, such as the decay of the genre of mecha as a whole, why Tomino Shinbo’s parents didn’t seem to love him enough as a child, and how Minovsky Particles can cure cancer. It is made up of the following people, who are in the midst of a competition to be the last to suffer Sudden Blogger’s Death.

  • The Right Most Honorable Sir Doctor Actorclavilis IV Jr., Ph.D.B.S: is an avid hater of mecha, considering it a pointless children’s diversion (in some  other way than the rest of anime) and instead watches good shows, like RahXephon, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Shin Seiki Evangelion, and Bokurano.  He only watches anime with deep and significant storylines, such as Lucky Star, Ichigo Marshmallow, Minami-ke, Panty and Stocking, and Shinryaku! Ika-musume.  He also is a steadfast teetotaler and refuses to watch shows which require drugs to understand, preferring to entertain himself with down-to-earth shows such as Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei, Pani Poni Dash!, MariaHolic, and Natsu no Arashi.  Finally, being a pacifist, the mere thought of anything violent, such as Cowboy Bebop, Baccano, Black Lagoon, or Durarara offends his very nature.
  • Zeonic Glory (Esq.): A born and raised mecha junkie, defending his faith online and offline as long as he could remember. While he was initially only exposed to the Real Robot sub-genre, he has come to enjoy both Real and Super for their own merits on equal terms. A Universal Century Purist, ZG can be quite vocal in his views. When he’s not watching abominations of science pummeling each other in zero gravity, ZG typically spends his time building Gunpla, shooting, enjoying video games, writing, and taking lengthy strolls in various parts of the world.

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