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[I have finals now, so a little bit of a short post.

I haven’t watched ANYTHING in the past week because for the first time in while ‘sleep’ exceeded ‘anime’ on my priority list. What is happening to me?

Anyhow, content:]

I was GOING to write about [C], but then a friend made me listen to “Pendulum” from the Shiki OST. It was creepy enough for me to give it a try, and considering that I haven’t seriously watched anything for several weeks with the end of school, I decided to marathon it.


So I can get a little fanboyish, what of it? Shiki was good. Quite good. To be honest, I didn’t know anything going into it other than that it was some sort of horror anime. Within the first few episodes it feels like a sort of Higurashi clone, but then I saw the “insect bites”.

Insect bites? Really?


Oh fun, no? A vampire story. And it’s going to take them all of three-quarters of the show to figure the damn thing out, and THEN they’ll kill them with stakes and silver bullets. Since they’re vampires. And it works.

Surprisingly, it’s not that clichéd. Which made me happy. Shiki DO die from stakes to the heart, but that’s not assumed from them being vampires; rather, our beloved sick Toshio-sensei dissects his resurrected wife. Cute scene.

Cleaning up the blood, I hope, you sick bastard.


As the main character is a doctor, the show goes above and beyond any other show I’ve seen with medical knowledge. You’d think that the guy who made this was a doctor or something (she’s not), since characters are diagnosed with everything from anemia (two different types) to lupus, and [SPOILER] it’s never lupus.

Anyhow, the plot is MUCH better than I would have assumed. (Spoilers follow.) Two episodes from the end I found myself asking “what happened to Natsuno cooperating with Toshio? He hasn’t shown up at ALL.” Shiki pulls a slick one and uses the answer to that question to answer another question: “How did Toshio kill Chizuru?”, while killing off Natsuno in a rather badass but sad way. Meanwhile, the story doesn’t end with the good guys winning (as I had expected) nor with the bad guys winning (only one of them survives) but with everything being utterly destroyed. Cool way to finish the series, I suppose. Although I didn’t want Megumi to die. Those tracts.

Animation-wise, two words: DAT HAIR.

And the best:


There IS more to this than the hair; it’s just the most noticable part.

As I mentioned previously, the music was the part that introduced me to the series. It’s no classic like Hirisawa’s Mousou Dairinin soundtrack (no trolls please) but it is coherent and makes the series feel properly creepy. And “Kuchidzuke” gets stuck in your head after a while. Sadly, the best tracks are used sparingly: “Pendulum” only plays in full in the fourth episode, although the first three notes are used as a “dun dun dunnn” throughout the series.

Finally, this show has its fair share of badass characters, but you can check that out yourself. Basically everyone who dies and has any sort of significance gets an awesome death. Except Chizuru, but if you’re into gore that’ll be fine too. Seishin stars in the most satsifying last half-second of video since the end of Portal 2 (look it up if you haven’t seen it), at least if you’re a fan of the Shiki, like I am (topic for later).

I would dump a large amount of screencaps here if it weren’t for the effort involved. Much easier is this:


Watch it.

EDIT: Oops, I lied.









[Wow, I actually need to find something to write about. ZG has been busy with a thesis and I’ve been rather lazy and haven’t watched anything important lately. Supposedly he will update later this week. Don’t expect something.]

Anyhow, today/this week’s topic is a bit of a rant, but I’ll try to keep it on the satisfied/review side. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a bit of an anime hipster. So nothing gets my goat so much as when my favorite studio ever, SHAFT, pulls something so mainstream and unSHAFTlike as Madoka that it makes me cry and rewatch Zoku.

Now granted, I have nothing too scathing to say about Madoka. I dropped it about four episodes in, because it’s not what I scan chartfag’s charts for ‘SHAFT’ to find every season. The first anime I ever watched, somehow, was Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei, and the combination of wacky humor, offbeat animation, and pop-culture references that I, as a newly-formed weeaboo, failed to understand was what made me fall in love with the show. To be honest, I can’t remember what the next SHAFT show I watched was, although it may have been Bakemonogatari (which I consider the best show SHAFT has done to date, but that’s a topic for later), but they all got watched at some point or another.

Then along came Vampire Bund, and to be honest, I didn’t realize it was SHAFT at all until I actually started paying attention to the credits instead of the spinning loli vampire during the opening. It was the same as Nanoha (which, for the benefit of all of you fans out there, was actually a decent show). And Madoka Magica seems to have gone down the same path; despite the fact that the animation of the “Witches” was suitably strange, the remainder of the four episodes I watched was rather lackluster compared to the remainder of SHAFT’s works. Oh, and even KyoAni can do strange animation:


(No, I won’t stop about Nichijou; why do you ask?) Now I’m not saying that SHAFT is not talented enough to do anything other than its gag-manga adaptations which it is so well known for. Bakemonogatari is proof of that. I just feel that SHAFT is wasting their time over OMG-it’s-Urobuchi-Gen-the-plot-must-be-good stuff, rather than making another season of Tsukuyomi making great shows like Arakawa.

Oh well. At least we have more MariaHolic and this random Denpa Onna stuff.

And, as wah reminds us: Shinbo doesn’t care.

See you next week,